Join the Bold Vision

Every church's greatest aspiration is to fulfill the desires of our Lord Jesus Christ.  All churches want to  love God, love others and make disciples.  But there are a few bold churches that want to fulfill His greatest prayer, that they may be ONE.  For those churches this Association is the answer.

The Benefits

Those churches willing to accept the challenge of being ONE . . .

Experience True Koinonia

The same fellowship expressed in Acts 2 is still possible today with churches who desire the unity of the Spirit.   One place, in one accord is still a reality for Christ's Body.

Participate in a Kingdom Vision

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.   Blessed are those that the Master finds so doing when He comes.

Benefit from a Network of Support

Churches that are ONE are blessed with not only the gifts of their members, but the gifts of other churches' members.  Networking prayer, worship, family, missions, discipleship, media and administration are available to all.  

Fulfill our Lord's Greatest Prayer

That they may be ONE, so that the world may know and believe.  Your community is waiting to see the unified church, that they may believe the impossible.  That churches who have been known for division can become ONE.  

The process

Becoming part of the Association is a matter of making a commitment to fulfilling Christ's prayer.  For those churches bold enough to say yes it begins a Kingdom journey that will transform its ministry.