Catawba Valley Baptist Association

Hickory, North Carolina

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Our Churches

CVBA Churches and Pastors


Blackburn Baptist Church-5105 W. NC 10 Hwy  Hickory, NC   28602     

Rev. Doug Howell, Pastor                        Church Phone: 704-464-2155


Calvary Baptist Church-  P.O. Box 107  Newton, NC  28658    

Rev. Shawn Milburn, Pastor                     Church phone: 828-464-1631


Catawba Baptist Church-   P.O. Box 247   Catawba, NC  28609     

Rev. Derrick Jones, Pastor                    Church phone: 828-241-3655


Catawba Valley Baptist Church- 3390 Shepherd Rd.  Maiden, NC 28650     

   Rev. Gary Cunningham, Pastor                Church phone: 828-428-2069


Catawba Valley Hmong-  412 W. 13th St. Newton, NC  28658

   Rev. Gary Lee, Pastor                               Church phone: 828-449-0875


Catawba Valley Vietnamese-  2261 Highland Ave. NE    Hickory, NC 28601

   Rev. Andy Vo, Pastor                               Church phone: 336-686-4340


Central Baptist Church-   201 Hwy 70 East    Hildebran, NC  28637           

Rev. Bob Dockery, Pastor                      Church phone: 828-327-9683

Christ United Baptist Church-  P.O. Box 4075    Hickory, NC   28603

   Rev. David Stikeleather, Pastor               Church phone:  828-838-1300


Claremont 1st Baptist Church-   P.O. Box 489    Claremont, NC  28610

    Dr. Dennis Richards, Pastor                    Church phone: 828-459-7110


Corinth Baptist Church-  7929 W NC 10 Hwy    Vale, NC  28168

   Rev. William Kanupp, Pastor                   Church phone: 704-462-1547


Covenant Baptist Church-  P.O. Box 1133     Conover, NC 28613

   Rev, Edwin Elmore, Pastor                       Church phone: 828-464-7918


East First Street Baptist Church-  P.O. Box 273    Newton, NC  28658

   Rev. Alan McCoy, Pastor                         Church phone: 828-464-5417


East Hickory Baptist Church- 130 16th St. SE     Hickory, NC  28602

   Dr. Mark Schmitz, Pastor                          Church phone: 828-328-9507


Escalate Church-  3260 6th St. Dr. NW    Hickory, NC  28601

   Rev. Matt Morgan, Pastor                         Church phone: 919-600-8020


Fairbrook Baptist Church-  2278 19th Ave. SE     Hickory, NC  28602

   Rev. Rick Davis, Pastor                            Church phone: 828-328-9304


Fairgrove Baptist Church-1614 US Hwy 70A W, Hickory, NC  28601

   Rev. Neil George, Pastor                          Church phone: 828-328-9507


Freedom Biker Church-  1385 33rd St. SE Conover, NC  28613

   Rev. Phil Goins, Pastor    Church phone:                          704-325-3185


Harmony Baptist Church-  P.O. Box 1598     Conover, NC 28613

   Rev. Arthur Mason, Pastor                       Church phone: 828-308-2969


Heavenly Bread Baptist Church- 3055 16th St.NE  Hickory, NC 28601

   Rev. Ke Wen Dong, Pastor


Hickory 1st Baptist Church-  339 2nd Ave NW    Hickory, NC  28601

   Rev. Joshua Barrett, Pastor                       Church phone: 828-328-2031


Highland Baptist Church-  828 9th Ave NE      Hickory, NC 28601

   Dr. Jeff Myers,  Pastor                  Church phone: 828-328-2683


Hildebran 1st Baptist Church-  P.O. Box 220    Hildebran, NC 28637

   Rev. Ron Arndt, Pastor                             Church phone: 828-397-3641


Hmong Community Church- 4781 Swinging Bridge Rd. Conover, NC

   Rev. Teng Yang, Pastor                            Church phone: 828-256-6106


Icard 1st Baptist Church- 2178 US Hwy 70  Connelly Springs, NC 28612

   Dr. Michael Pardue, Pastor                       Church phone: 828-397-3451


Iglesia Bautista Bethel-  3031 Highland Ave NE     Hickory, NC 28601

                                                                      Church phone: 704-732-0324


Journey Church-  621 38th Ave. NE  Hickory, NC  28602

   Rev. Ben Rowe, Pastor


Joy Baptist Church-  4015 Herman Sipe Rd.      Conover, NC 28613

   Rev. Tim Shook, Pastor                            Church phone: 828-256-7164


Lahu Baptist Church-710 E. 20th St. Newton, NC  28658

   Rev. Mark Meeseree, Pastor                     Church phone: 828-291-2349


Lakeview Baptist Church- 4080 Center St.     Hickory, NC  28601

   Rev. Troy Grant, Pastor                            Church phone: 828-324-8085


Longview Baptist Church-  205 24th St. SW      Hickory, NC 28602

   Dr. Ed Yount, Interim Pastor                    Church phone: 828-324-7264


Mountain Grove Baptist Church-6156 Mt. Grove Hickory, NC 28602

   Dr. Barry Keys, Pastor                              Church phone: 828-294-0212


Mountain View Baptist Church-  4266 River Rd.   Hickory, NC 28602

   Dr. John Compton, Pastor                         Church phone: 828-294-2534


Mount Sinai Baptist Church-  P.O. Box 370    Catawba, NC 28609

   Rev. Donald Gray, Pastor                         Church phone: 828-241-2039


New Life Authentic Christian Community- 4639 County Home Rd.    Conover, NC 28613

   Rev. Chris Gruver, Pastor                        Church phone: 828-256-4217


New Life Baptist Fellowship-  1854 Shady Ln. Newton, NC  28658

   Rev. Jeff Kautz, Pastor                             Church phone: 828-994-4127


Newton 1st Baptist Church-  501 Northwest Blvd   Newton, NC 28658

   Rev. Tommy Hullette, Pastor                   Church phone: 828-464-0952


North Newton Baptist Church-  316 West 21st St.  Newton, NC  28658

   Rev. Curtis Hagler, Pastor                        Church phone: 828-464-5849


Oxford Baptist Church-  5965 Springs Rd.      Conover, NC  28613

   Rev. Joel Frye, Pastor                               Church phone: 828-256-7246


Providence Baptist Church-  7618 Providence Church Rd.    Hickory, NC  28602

   Rev. Chris Dale, Pastor                             Church phone: 828-324-9305


Sandy Ridge Baptist Church-  3702 16th St. NE   Hickory, NC 28601

Rev. Bill Sturm, Pastor                                Church phone: 828-256-8812


Springs Road Baptist Church- 3580 Springs Rd. NE  Hickory, NC  28601

   Rev. Jeff Brown, Pastor                            Church phone: 828-256-5340


Startown Baptist Church-  2615 Sigmon Dairy Rd. Newton, NC 28658

   Rev. William Church, Pastor                    Church phone: 828-465-0196


Sweetwater Baptist Church- 609 21st St. SE       Hickory, NC  28602

   Rev. Elijah London, Pastor                       Church phone: 828-328-3891


Temple Baptist Church-  825 L-R Blvd SE        Hickory, NC  28602

   Rev. Lloyd King, Pastor                           Church phone: 828-322-4672


Tri-City Baptist Church-  P.O. Box 40     Conover, NC  28613

Dr. Hampton Drum, Pastor             Church phone: 828-465-6644


Tri-City Korean- 934 S. Center St. Hickory, NC  28602

   Rev. Sang Bum Lee, Pastor


Trinity Baptist Church-  P.O. Box 4     Newton, NC 28658

   Rev. Andrew Barrett, Pastor                     Church phone: 828-464-2160


Viewmont Baptist Church-  1246 2nd St NE     Hickory, NC 28601

   Rev. Andrew Rawls, Pastor                      Church phone: 828-322-6732


Warlick’s Baptist Church-  2684 Warlick’s Church Rd.    Connelly Springs, NC 28612

   Rev. Gary Murry, Pastor                           Church phone: 828-397-6298


West Hickory Baptist Church-  40 12th St NW     Hickory, NC 28601

   Rev. Scott Frady, Pastor                           Church phone: 828-327-4286


Winkler’s Grove Baptist Church-  3320 9th Ave. Dr. NW  Hickory, NC  28601

   Rev. Paul Deal, Pastor                              Church phone: 828-324-7267


Woodlawn Baptist Church-  440 7th St. Pl. SW   Conover, NC 28613

   Dr. Chuck Campbell, Interim Pastor        Church phone: 828-464-6921