Catawba Valley Baptist Association
Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Noel Home & Care House

Our Association has entered into a partnership with the Baptist Children's Homes of NC to help with the Noel Home and the Care House.  These ministries are located in Caldwell County.

We will keep you updated with the ministry opportunities and weekly supplies that are needed to keep these ministries moving forward in helping young girls and families.

Before you go to the Noel Home or Care House to do a ministry project or take supplies please contact Donna Lail at 757- 0700.  

Noel Home Cottage needs:

Outdoor swing;  wallpaper; house trim painted; paint porch trim; re-screen back porch; porch furniture; folding table; craft storage cabinet; shower nozzle; shelving in closet; tool set; front porch repaired; office painted; putting together a desk; gutters cleaned out; insulation around pipes replaced.

 Care House Cottage needs:

Counter Top Mixer; Sand for playground (about 2 tons); TV/VCR 13"; TV 19" ; Desk-top copier; house trim painted; wrought iron railing painted; 2 cribs and mattresses; 5 porta-crib msttresses; bathroom wallpaper/paint; 5 daiper bags; 5 sets of mattresses/box springs (twin size).